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About Us

The Journal of Philosophy and Scripture is an e-journal dedicated to reading scripture in light of philosophy and to examining philosophy in light of scripture. The Journal's task is informed by three primary aims:

(1) to encourage philosophical discussions of religion to attend to the primary sacred texts (e.g. the Bible, the Qur'an, the Bhagavad-Gita) that fundamentally shape the religions under discussion,

(2) to encourage a process of mutual reflection by means of which both philosophy and scripture may be more clearly illuminated, and

(3) to do the above with a keen eye to possible effects on the ways in which we practice philosophy and religion.

JPS is committed to fostering discussion involving a wide range of philosophical perspectives and religious traditions.  We are especially interested in papers that engage directly with specific passages of scripture, but we also welcome papers that deal with general issues relating to the intersection of philosophy and scripture.

JPS is a journal created and edited by graduate students in philosophy at Villanova University.

For more information about JPS as a graduate student run journal see our organizational outline.

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